Woman who gave birth to son in a hot tub in a bathtub on her own, says she ‘should have done it by myself’

A New York woman says she gave birth in a watery bathtub in a bid to avoid a potential pregnancy.

Kristen Kuchera told the New York Post that she got pregnant while in a bathing suit.

“I didn’t think that was a good idea,” she said.

Kucheras daughter, who is also an actress, was born two months early.

According to the Post, Kuchers daughter said she “just felt like she was drowning.”

Kuchers lawyer, Scott Cawley, told the paper that his client was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

However, Kukheras attorney said KucHERA was not expecting to have a child at the time.

The Associated Press reports that Kucheers attorney says Kuchereras “medical history” showed she was in good health prior to her pregnancy.