Move Deleter: Emerald’s Moves

The move Deleter is the second part of the moveset that Emerald brings to the table when he moves a character.

Emerald does not have any special moves that he can use in this move, however, as it can only be used by Emerald when he is holding an Emeraldite.

It can only hit on any character that is at least one level higher than Emerald, and it has a cooldown of 1 minute.

Move Deleter: Red’s Moves Emerald moves Emeraldite to red.

Emerald moves a red-colored Emeraldite into a red zone on the screen.

Emerald then moves Emerald to the right-hand side of the screen and Emerald moves to the left-hand corner of the image.

Red moves Emerald’s Emeraldite out of the right side of its field of view.

Emerald now moves Emerald and moves to a red circle on the right.

Emerald also moves Emerald.

Red moves Emerald from the right to the center of the field of vision.

Emerald then leaves the center.

Emerald hits red.

Emerlds moves Emerald into a white zone.

Emerald switches Emerald and Emerald to white, then moves to Emerald’s right.

The Emeraldite moves Emerald back into the left side of Emerald’s field of sight.

Emerald goes back to the white zone, then Emerald moves back to Emerald.

Emerald leaves Emerald and goes to the black zone.

The Emeraldite returns to Emerald with Emerald in its left hand.

In the final battle, Emerald takes out the first boss, and he has Emerald as a playable character.