Why I left my car in Philadelphia to get a ride with a driver

I left a car at the front of a Philadelphia airport and ended up driving to the airport with a man who was also there to pick me up.

I was confused.

I didn’t know where to go.

I hadn’t even bought a ticket yet.

My phone buzzed with text messages from people asking where I was going.

It was as if I’d been on a date with a random stranger in a strange city.

I had a destination in mind but no time to wait.

I couldn’t believe I had done the same thing to another stranger’s car, so I drove off.

I’ve been on several dates with strangers since, but this time I decided to make a little secret.

I’d never been on one before, either.

When you’re on a first date, you’re kind of trying to find out who the person you’re with is.

And then you have to decide: Are they trustworthy?

Or just a friend?

You’re going to have to make that decision.

If you’re going for a date, this is the time to be careful.

When I went to pick him up, I was unsure if he was a friend or a stranger.

But he was in a gray suit with a white tie.

He looked comfortable.

I could tell he was someone I could trust.

He had no idea who I was, or what I wanted.

And he knew it.

So, I walked out the door.

He smiled at me.

I walked over to his car, sat in the driver’s seat, and asked him a question.

“Are you going to the store?”

He smiled back.

I asked him to take me to the mall.

The mall is a big, empty space.

There were no stores or restaurants in sight.

I tried to explain what I was looking for and he seemed to understand.

We walked to the exit, then back up the escalator.

It seemed as if nothing was going to happen.

We stopped at the register, grabbed a cup of coffee, and walked out of the mall together.

The first time we got to the parking lot, he gave me a smile and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll find you.”

We had to walk back into the mall and walk back in.

It took us about an hour.

I wanted to take him to a store, but I didn.

He said he didn’t have time to look for me.

We ended up going back to the park, where we parked for about five minutes before he gave up and asked me to come back.

We spent the next two hours talking on the phone, with no success.

We were still talking and I couldn