When Disney moves to a new theme park, the moven will be here

Disney has announced plans to move into a new California theme park as it moves into its next phase of growth.

The new park, which will be called Moven in the Magic Kingdom, will open later this year.

It will be built on a massive 1,200-acre site that was previously home to Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney has said it will take a year to build Moven.

The Moven theme park is the second major theme park to come online in the United States, after Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which opened in 2019.

Moven will have four stages, with a nighttime movie show and a nighttime nighttime movie screening at the main attraction.

Disney also announced it is building a new version of the Moven Riverwalk in 2019, which has a more intimate look at the park.

The moven theme is expected to cost about $40 billion.