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By MARK THIELEMOTENSTEINBy MARK THIELMOTENSENSTEINSSTEIN(Reuters) – A German man has been charged with causing an explosion that injured seven people at a concert in southern Germany that was livestreamed online, a police official said on Monday.

The suspect was identified as a 26-year-old man from the eastern city of Bremen.

The concert in the eastern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg was broadcast on social media as part of a series of events called the Sonics Moveover.

The Sonics movement, which aims to bring the NBA and other sports to more urban areas, is seen as an alternative to traditional sports, which have a much smaller following.

The show was streamed online by a YouTube channel that is owned by the Sonic Entertainment Group, which produces video games, including the hit NBA 2K franchise.

The video was posted on March 14 and had more than 4 million views by the time the concert was over.

The concert was not streamed by the video sharing platform.

Police said the man, identified only as K., had allegedly detonated his bomb before he was apprehended.

He was found with an explosive device in his pocket, police said.

“The police are trying to trace the perpetrator and we have the same goal of finding him,” a spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The spokesman added that the suspect had not been in contact with police since his arrest.

Sonics spokesman Thomas Stutz said in an email to Reuters that the company was working with authorities on a detailed investigation.

The investigation has been opened on suspicion of terrorist activities, the spokesman said.

The attack comes at a time when many of the NBA’s stars are playing in cities with larger arenas and fans are paying more for tickets.