10 reasons why I’m a #GamerGate feminist and why you should be too!

source Mashables title 10 Reasons Why I’m A #GamerGater and Why You Should Be Too!

article A little over a year ago, I was a young woman who was working in an entertainment industry that was at the forefront of the #Gamergate movement.

I was proud of my profession and was working hard to support the causes I cared about, but I was also worried that I would be judged by a hashtag that had nothing to do with my work.

A couple of months after GamerGate began, my job went from being an opportunity to make a difference to being one of many that were left out of a collective that was making a mockery of the idea of being a female-driven, progressive industry.

This was when GamerGate became a hate campaign.

GamerGate has become a hate movement, and now it’s become a hashtag.

I am a feminist, and a GamerGater.

I have never supported hate speech, I have not advocated for hate, and I am not a racist, sexist, or misogynist.

But the word GamerGate has been used to label people that are either against gaming or that do not share their beliefs.

GamerGate is a movement of “anti-feminism,” which is a hate word that is a misnomer.

The term itself is not meant to be negative, and it should not be used to describe someone’s views.

If I were to take that term literally, then I would consider myself a Gamergater, but this is not my belief system.

GamerGate does not advocate for violence against women, it supports free speech, it advocates for the freedom to express your opinion and the freedom of speech, but that is not the same thing.

GamerGate doesn’t support violence against anyone, but the hate speech it promotes is hate speech.

There are many, many other groups that support freedom of expression, but they do not all want to be labeled as “pro-GamerGate” or “anti-“GamerGate.

“I do not agree with every aspect of GamerGate.

I do have a problem with some of the tactics that the movement uses, and the harassment of women in gaming is a major part of the problem.

But I do think it’s important to point out that this movement is not solely about one or two people.

It’s a diverse, diverse group of people that support equality for all people.

GamerGate isn’t anti-women, it’s anti-sexist, it is anti-racist, it wants to change the gaming industry, and its mission is to bring awareness to issues that are prevalent in the industry.

That is not to say that GamerGate is all about one person.

There is also a large contingent of women that are involved with the movement, including many who are well-known within the industry, but also some very vocal critics and critics that do have an opinion about the direction of the industry and some of its policies.

These women are the “gamers” of GamerGate, and that is where GamerGate is still growing.