How to Move Out Notice

MSNBC -2,400,000 viewers last week, the highest-rated network of any cable news network, and its biggest audience since its inception in 1995.

MSNBC is expected to continue its run in the top 10 in its prime time ratings, averaging 6.3 million viewers, for the week ending Feb. 14.CNN is on pace to add 1.7 million viewers to its average for the month, according to Nielsen, as it airs three prime time debates and three CNN-hosted town halls.

CNN is also expected to add another 3.4 million viewers for the March 1-4 and April 1-2 prime time months.

Fox News is expected by the week to add more than 1.6 million viewers and average about 2.7 viewers per debate.

Fox’s viewership is forecast to grow from 2.9 million viewers last year to 2.75 million this year.

MSNBC and CNN are expected to remain among the most-watched news programs on the cable news networks, even though they are also the two most-used platforms on cable news.CNN and Fox are expected by CNN’s Jim Acosta last week to host their third prime time debate in three weeks.CNN will be airing the final debate of the week on Feb. 13 at 11 p.m.

ET, the network announced.

CNN has also announced the March 3 debate will be held at 8 p.p.m ET on CNN.