What’s going on at the White House?

The Obama administration is pushing to put a halt to the planned $50 billion “Trans-Pacific Partnership” trade agreement, which the White Senate has approved.

A Senate vote is scheduled for Tuesday on a measure to stop it.

But the deal faces resistance from Democrats in Congress, and the White Capitol is under a state of emergency as a result.

Here are some key takeaways from our coverage: Trump administration says the trade deal is a “Trojan horse” for ChinaThe Trump administration said Tuesday that it is pushing Congress to stop the trade pact and that the agreement “is not the solution to our problems” but “a Trojan horse for China.”

The White House statement came hours after President Donald Trump said the deal is “a good deal for China, but it’s not going to make America great again.”

Trump has previously said that China should be allowed to “have its cake and eat it too.”

The trade pact was approved by Congress in November but could face another round of resistance from the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

Trump also said last week that the pact would “kill” American jobs.

He has said that trade deals are good for the country but “not for China” and he has threatened to terminate them.

“I think the TPP is going to hurt our economy,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

The White Senate says the deal could hurt jobs in the U.S. and it could lead to the loss of jobs for Americans.

However, it says that there is a strong case to continue the deal.

The trade deal, approved by the Senate in November, would create an 11-member Pacific Rim trade bloc with 12 nations and create an “agreement on regional and global cooperation” between the countries.

It would also create a regional office for the U,S.

Trade Representative.

Trade advocates have said that the trade agreement is bad for American workers, with many arguing that it will lead to job losses.