‘A Good Thing’: An Interview with Bill Kristol

Bill Kristols reaction to the election is a good thing.

In his latest column, he gives the benefit of the doubt to the Democrats.

But he warns that the next president may have a different approach to foreign policy than President Trump.

He calls for a reset in America’s foreign policy that does not involve endless military interventions and calls for the United States to return to its traditional role of world leader.

And Kristols is a proponent of a nuclear first strike against North Korea.

This is a pretty good preview of how Kristols views the election.

But Kristols says he was wrong about Donald Trump in 2016, and he believes that Trump has more of a track record of bad foreign policy.

Kristols predicts that if Trump were to win the election in 2020, he would likely use his foreign policy expertise to implement his plans to escalate America’s wars in the Middle East and Asia, and to make a series of nuclear weapons deals with Iran.

Kristol says that even if Trump loses, he could do more to help the American people in 2020 than the president he defeated.

Krists also says he will not be happy about the election result, but he says he is not disappointed by it.

He says he knows he will be remembered as a conservative for his outspoken defense of the president in the face of Trump’s most outrageous comments.

He adds that he has no regrets about supporting Trump.

Kristolls final words: He says the election did not affect him at all.

He feels that he did the right thing.