Which watch is right for you?

You may be able to get a new watch for a price that’s on par with an Apple Watch, but there’s a catch.

The $1,300 LG GShock move is a nice alternative, but it’s not the most advanced option.

It’s not even the cheapest.

And the $3,000 Movado watch may not be a great deal either.

The Movado, launched in June, is an entry-level smartwatch that features an OLED display, and it has a price tag of $1.99.

Its biggest drawback is that you can’t wear the watch on your wrist and it doesn’t have Bluetooth, so it won’t let you watch content like videos on the watch.

There are also a lot of other things that could make the Movado better than a $1 for the Apple Watch: the Movada is a cheaper, but much bigger watch, and the Movas watch can sync to your iPhone.

But the Movads are a lot more appealing if you want something that’s going to get you out of your house, away from your phone, and away from all those other distractions.