Man filmed moving ‘Turbulently’ from room to room

Updated May 11, 2019 17:20:07A man has been filmed moving “Turbulus” – the term for an enormous and seemingly stationary cube – from room A to room B, apparently in a bid to avoid the camera.

The footage shows the man, who is not identified in the footage, walking across a corridor, with a camera on his head.

The man is then filmed standing by a small window, in which he can be seen moving the cube to different rooms and places.

“This is very similar to a motion-capture exercise, you’re standing in the corridor, you can see the cube, you know what’s going on, and then when you come across the camera, you’ll notice it’s moving, it’s going somewhere else, so it’s very similar,” he said.

“So we did it like that for a while, and I was like, ‘OK, this is not the most effective method, I need to get a real camera and try to film the cube moving’,” he said in the video.

“We did it in the middle of the night, so I’m not very familiar with cameras, so we had to go down and find one that was small enough to be handheld and have a long lens.”

A spokesman for the Queensland Government said they were “extremely concerned” by the video, and would look into it.

“The Queensland Government is concerned about the video of a man moving a cube across a small corridor,” the spokesman said.

The video was filmed at a house in Maribyrnong, in the state’s south-east.

It was shot by a man who had previously uploaded a video of himself walking across the property.

“I can’t tell you how upset I was,” he told News Corp Australia.

“When you have something like this going on where you can’t even see it and it’s just a matter of a guy moving it, it really is a nightmare.”

It’s like, I’m a dad, I’ve got four little kids, and we’re living in the suburbs, and this is a big deal.