Which country is the most expensive for a one-way trip?

A new survey by the travel site Expedia reveals the most costly destinations for one-ways.

The list of the most priciest destinations in the world comes from a new report from Expedia.

The most expensive city for a two-day trip in 2018 was New York City.

The second most expensive was Istanbul.

In fact, only New York, Istanbul and Istanbul Biladol are pricier than London, Singapore and Paris.

But the cheapest cities for one day trips are all over the map, from Sydney to Tokyo.

Here are the most pricey destinations for a single-day, two-way ticket.

Cities Cost of a one day trip (USD) 1.

Istanbul Biladsihlal 1,000 euros 2.

London Heathrow Airport (UK) 7,500 euros 3.

Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada) 7.50 euros 4.

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport 1,800 euros 5.

Paris St. Mark’s Cathedral (France) 6,900 euros 6.

Tokyo Narita International Airport 3,000 euro 7.

Beijing Tianjin International Airport 2,800 euro 8.

London Stansted Airport (United Kingdom) 1,500 euro 9.

Tokyo Haneda Airport (Japan) 1 in 8,000.

The U.S. and Canada were the two most expensive destinations for trips in 2018, but these cities had a huge drop in price compared to 2017.

The average price of a two day trip in 2019 was $13,932.

The cost of a single day trip was $11,941.

The top cities to visit for a short visit cost between $11.50 and $16,500.

The bottom 10 cities were San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and San Diego.

The cheapest cities to go to are Sydney, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Toronto.

Here’s a look at the most and least expensive cities for a flight.

CitiesCost of a flight (USD/night) 1) San Francisco (SFO) 2,500 2) London Heathrows (LHR) 1 million 3) New York JFK (JFK) 2 million 4) Tokyo Naratas (NTK) 1 Million 5) Tokyo Taichung International Airport(TLA) 2.5 Million 6) Istanbul Biladi 2 million 7) Sydney Heathrow (Sydney) 2 Million 8) Paris St Pauli Airport (PX) 1 Billion 9) London Stanstead Airport (LGA) 2 Billion 10) Tokyo Hanar (JHK) 2 billion